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Media Conversion

Photoquip’s Media Conversion services are perfect for preserving your precious memories, whether they be old photographs, slides & negatives or treasured videos of your children or favourite old movies on tape, bring your media to the modern era.

Video Tapes to DVD/Digital

VHS tapes will degrade or go mouldy over time, even if you take careful steps to store them in a clean, dry environment. Turning old media like VHS tapes to digital safeguards it for the future. Want to edit your videos after they’ve been transferred? Prefer to view your videos on your mobile devices or share them online? We can also convert your tapes into digital files (such as .mp4, .mov, and .avi). Once digitized, we can copy your videos to flash drives, portable hard drives.

Supported Tape Media: VHS, VHS-C, DVC, 8mm and Hi8

R100 per tape to DVD
R250 per tape to Digital

Negative Scanning

You can often find hidden gems on those old negatives packed away, and they’re worth protecting through digitizing and printing!

Your negatives, even in protective sleeves, are in danger from colour shifting and scratching that can occur over time.


R25 per strip

Slide Scanning

Slides are very vulnerable to colour degradation and scratches and playing slides in a slide projector is nearly impossible since finding a working projector is extremely difficult.

We offer the highest resolution scans in the industry, making your images truly archival. Each image also includes basic enhancement (colour / exposure correction; cropping; rotating to the proper orientation; and dust and scratch removal, if necessary).


R5 – R7 per Slide (Dependent on quantity)

Photograph Scanning

Over time, photographs discolour and fade. Give your photos the treatment they deserve with our archival photo scanning.

We digitize and scan old photographs using professional techinques that result in high resolution JPG files.


R5 – R7 per Photo (Dependent on quantity)

Disc Duplication

We can duplicate the information or media from a master DVD on to as many discs as you require. Copying and duplication are the same processes which are burning the data or movies onto DVD-R’s. This is the same process that is used when you burn something on your laptop or PC we just do it in bulk with duplicators. The only downside to duplication is some DVD players may have issues with these discs, however, all data DVD’s will have no problem being read in all PC/Laptop/Server DVD/CD ROM drives.


R50 per Disc